MoneyGuard is a registered trademark
The whole MoneyGuard line is 100% produced in Spain
The original series are: X1, X2, X3, SmartATM, FastDrop, EasyDrop, Cobra

Cos’è Original Check

We call “original” something that come truly and directly from its author, As soon as we talk about something original we need to know how to distinguish it from a fake. Many producers are forces to tolerate counterfeit of their products or to insert in their creations very expensive palliative products, such as the hologram trademark, which do not always stop the reproducibility of the product.

Original Check it is a univocal code created with a random process which is not reproducible.

How can Original Check be random and not reproducible?

Original Check is not created through calculators or numeric control devices, for example, if i poured water on a window, the water drops wound position themselves on the glass in a totally random and univocal way. No machine created by man would be capable of placing the drops in the exact same way, therefore their position on the glass is not reproducible.

Original Check is based on natural phenomenon, which are not reproducible.


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