MoneyGuard is a registered trademark
The whole MoneyGuard line is 100% produced in Spain
The original series are: X1, X2, X3, SmartATM, FastDrop, EasyDrop, Cobra


The MoneyGuard Serie X (models X1, X2 e X3) is a system which allows the user to verify the cash takings, to store the money in a safe location and to speed up the deposit procedures; all of this without having to utilize the classic night safe system, thus avoiding many unnecessary complications.

The system consists of an armoured strongbox which can be fixed to the floor, an electronic combination lock , a receipt printer, a backlit display showing the customer all the information, a BCE certified acceptor, a USB identification system for the identification of the operator and an socket to link the device to the internet.

Everything is controlled by a proprietary management software. Since Moneyguard is a modular product, this range of devices is expected to grow larger in the future, still maintaining the main system features, which are diversified in order to adapt to specific categories of users.


Compared to other similar devices on the current market, moneyguard provides the following benefits:

  • its innovative design makes every controller perfectly visible, making the device extremely ergonomic
  • the Device is internet linked, and the authorised people can access it from anywhere
  • this device has certified partners, such as banks and security institutions
  • thanks to our partnership with banks and armoured transportations services, the deposit process is completed immediately after the takings

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