MoneyGuard is a registered trademark
The whole MoneyGuard line is 100% produced in Spain
The original series are: X1, X2, X3, SmartATM, FastDrop, EasyDrop, Cobra


The Original Check code is used to identify the “branch customer” in a univocal way. By doing so it is possible to track the consumers’ profile based on preferences and geographical location. This way, through several algorithms (e.g. we can identify the consumer’s profile.

Let’s make an example of this application, if we give away vouchers with an Original Check code they allow to win prizes in coupons. The consumer enters the producer’s website and sees if he has won or not by using his webcam equipped computer (See code authentication section)
The original Check code verifies if the code is original and if it is a inning one, and communicated the result to the consumer by registering his geographical location and the nature of his purchase.

The applications are obviously countless, and the only limit is the fantasy of the marketing responsible.


The traceability is a process that controls the life of the product. A particular case is the path that brings the finished product to the consumer.

Let’s make a quick example of this process, the producer of pasta distributes a certain amount of product through supply chains and wholesellers. They will sell the pasta to the various selling points, such as restaurants etc.The producer knows his direct customers but does not know the final consumers of his product nor its geographical distribution.

Original Check along with a points collection ad a prize contest, can track the final consumer of the product.

Original Check grants the authenticity of the code, and also avoids frauds when it come sto prize contests and point collections living to the product a guarantee of authenticity.

Application fields

The majority of anticounterfeiting systems on the market nowadays are realised with easily serial methods, and therefore they can easily be reproduced, by the very owner or by a imposter. ORIGINAL CHECK is a univocal code created with a random and not reproducible process A patented system which allows to create a totally random code, through a process which does not resort to calculators or numeric devices, but instead utilizes natural events, which are phenomenons that cannot be predicted nor reproduced by any man made machine.

Therefore the Original Check code not reproducible even by the manufacturer itself.

Once they are created the codes are stored in a database, and only when they are applied to the product they create the DNA of the single piece to which they are applied. With the original check code the product has not only its authenticity granted and safe, we can also uncover more information about it.

The Original Check solution directly involves the consumer as well. He will be able to check the authenticity of the product, taking a picture of the code with a mobile and sending the pic to the remote server with an email or an mms, or entering the website with a webcam equipped computer The server receives the image, compares it with the original one in the database and in real time answers the consumer informing him about the product’s authenticity.

This way we can reach two goals: the safeguard of the consumer and the protection of the product from counterfeiting risks.