MoneyGuard is a registered trademark
The whole MoneyGuard line is 100% produced in Spain
The original series are: X1, X2, X3, SmartATM, FastDrop, EasyDrop, Cobra


MoneyGuard S ATM is a system that allows the user to verify the cash takings, to store bills, coins, cheques and ticket restaurants in a safe place(optional) to speed up the deposit procedures on the current account without having to use the classic and not so practical nightsafe system.

The cash takings can be monitored an every moment by the authorized personnel, which can quickly login with a username and a password. Every transaction is memorised and every bill has its authenticity verified by ECB certified acceptors as it is inserted in the device.

When the quantity of cash inside the strong box reaches a predertermined amount, the armoured transportation company is instantly informed, and it can start collecting the cash containers, after delivering a receipt.

The quartering phase of the production and their following delivery to the bank is carried by the armoured transportation company, sparing the customer a lot of time and many risky transportation procedures.

Other application fields

Retail, Transport, Self-ticketing, Self-payment, etc.

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