MoneyGuard is a registered trademark
The whole MoneyGuard line is 100% produced in Spain
The original series are: X1, X2, X3, SmartATM, FastDrop, EasyDrop, Cobra

MoneyGuard BabelSlots

MoneyGuard BabelSlots with its transparent interface, this system can work with the most known and used acceptors on the market, a such as MEI, JCM and others.

Its aim is sto allow two different currencies to be used at the same table, always monitoring and updating the change of the rate and managing the operations a centralized software.

Furthermore, it has a lot of innovative functions, such as the Firmware updating of the acceptor, which can be executed from remote control in a centralized way, your whole slot fleet will be updated in only three hours with a firmware that will accept all the newly issue bills and the latest features which will increase the acceptance standards of our devices .

With a specific tool it will be possible to equip all the compartments with tag RFID and to monitor them until the cash-counting phase. There will be no room for human mistakes, the controls will be extremely accurate and the traceability will be simple and quick.

Created for the Campione Casino, Babel Slots is expected to be a very convenient and useful choice in this sector of the market.


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